We producing 100% plastic and cardboard playing cards in casino quality with 23 different patterns and 8 different back colours. “Beta Cards” is using high security with best materials to get the best casino quality.
Perfect Decks
With the hands of sensitive and responsive finishers, in plastic, we have special suppliers for “Beta Cards” to have the best quality. The extraordinary quality of the components which are used in the manufacture of “Beta Cards” means that magnificent playing pleasure for the all players in the world. In a very complicated process, “Beta Cards” guarantees all products with a standard which is well known by the market. Since the techniques used to manufacture them are different, “Beta Cards” quality is different from the similar.

100% Plastic

  • Specially manufactured very high quality PVC with specific treatment for casinos.
  • 8 different colored PVC.

  • Special fibred smooth finish cardboard coated on both sides with black interlay.
  • 8 different colored

Their Own Individuality
The “Beta Cards” are magnificent. Their careful design and the characters of illustrations are unmistakable. The back of the “Beta Cards” are recognized around the world, by the most prestigious casinos.

Standard Backs
For orders of less than 1.000 playing cards we have a wide range of cards with standard back for casinos in plastic.

25 shrink-wrapped packs with high security holographic seals.

Security Guarantee
As well as the perfect quality of “Beta Cards” guarantee a long lasting playing card with a serious resistance also our test unit guarantees each and every one of the “Beta Cards”. All products pass very strict controls in our test unit, so that all the disturbing factors will be avoided. The products which do not pass the quality test are destroyed internally and immediately.

Beta Cards Promises

  • Our designers make the design in less than 24 hours after receiving the originals by fax or e-mail.
  • A detailed document describing the products is sent to the client before processing the order.
  • Delivery is 4 weeks from the order confirmation.
  • Minimum quantity per color is 1.000 decks.
  • All our playing cards are suitable for shuffling machines.

Beta Cards Custom Design
Beta Cards also gives an opportunity with its custom design solutions to use your casino theme or promotion announcements as a back image on casino playing cards.