With a long experience of production on live game accessories, “Zeta Gaming” has achived a great quality and standart like its other products.¬† We’ll be happy to service your casino with everything you need with un comperable prices.
Our products are our own production and it’s available to choose different materials regarding your casino decoration.¬†Below you can see the production list of “Zeta Gaming” live game accessories:
American Roulette Accessories:

  • Roulette Float
  • Wheel Checks (Color Chips)
  • Marker Chips and racks
  • Display Rack
  • Win Marker (Dolly)
  • Ivory Roulette Balls

Card Game Accessories:

  • Card Game Float (Brass/Chrome)
  • Discard Holder
  • Card Draw Shoe (Poker – 2 decks max.)
  • Card Draw Shoe (Black Jack – 6 decks max.)
  • Card Draw Shoe (Baccarat – 8 decks max. with handle)
  • Dealer Button (Texas Hold’em)
  • Chemin de Fer Paddle (Baccarat)
  • Discard Bin (Baccarat)
  • Plastic Lammer Set (Baccarat)
  • Cutting Cards

Other Common Use Live Game Accessories:

  • Cash Chips
  • Chip Racks and Trays
  • Security Chip Carriers
  • Chip Spacers
  • Dropbox
  • Tipbox
  • Note Pusher (Plunger)
  • Clicker
  • Waitress Bell
  • Money Tester
  • Min-Max Signs
  • Table Ashtrays & Drinkstrails (Brass/Chrome)
  • Barriers with Ropes and hooks