Roulette Displays

Casinosis Neo

Double Sided LCD Roulette Display


"Casinosis Neo" is the slimmest compact device, which has only 55mm. depth, which contains two LCD monitors and a camera to detect and display the winning number in the roulette game with the aid of a PC mounted under the gaming table.



  • The purpose of the animated display of the winning number and the statistical information on this slim and elegantly designed device is attract and engage players.  The other benefit is the statistical data collection for the management to detect possible imbalances or defects on the wheel quickly before any person may notice. 

  • Casinosis Neo may also serve as a medium to inform customers about special events and promotions or advertorials.

  • Casinosis Neo can be produced in variety of materials and colors to suit the game floor decoration and preferences of the management



  • Width                  : 35,5cm

  • Height                 : 42cm

  • Depth                  : 5,5cm

  • Pedestal Height  : 45,5cm

  • Total Height        : 87,5cm

  • Monitor Width    : 19.0